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Testimonials from Our Pet Parents


Check out what our pet parents have to say about Animal Emergency Center.

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"Very compassionate, extremely knowledgeable!"

Incredible staff for emergency animal care. We’ve never experienced this but they were patient and explained everything to me while keeping my dog calm and comfortable.

Stephen B.

Very impressed with the staff at this facility. We drove there with our 14 year old dog who had suddenly developed some serious issues the night before. After they examined her, the doctor clearly explained our options with no pressure to choose any particular option.

Unfortunately the best option for our old girl was euthanasia, but all of the staff were extremely compassionate and empathetic which was very helpful after making the heartbreaking decision. They let us spend some time with her before doing the procedure.

If I’m ever in a similar situation I wouldn’t hesitate to go to the Animal Emergency Center.

Terry R.

I seriously love this animal emergency center. We've had to go here 2 times for our oldest cat and they have taken care of him so well both times. We truly appreciate the staff and what they do!

Jean Paula C.

Great place to provide great care for your loved one. Call ahead or fill out documents online prior to going there. They triage according to animal's condition/situation. Thanks to the team's professionalism and compassion Buster's visit was stress free.

Robert I.

The price was very reasonable (~$100 for an exam), and the staff was incredibly nice! The wait was long because they prioritize pets with life threatening conditions, which I respect, so I was fine with waiting.

They treated my cat kindly, and he actually came out of the hospital calmer than he'd been all day. All staff made sure I understood the post visit instructions and were pleasant to talk to. I am very grateful that I live near this emergency center.


Dr. Stiff and his staff were all kind and went above and beyond to help me with my dog. They even helped me connect with a specialist after our visit when I was not able to do so through my regular vet.

Mollie T.

Very compassionate extremely knowledgeable I am a doctor myself I'm not going to talk bad about other establishments but if you can wait until 5:30 to bring your pet here I would do it. Very impressed

John B.

If I could give 10 stars I would! We drove 2 hours to this emergency facility as the few emergency vet practices in the VA Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake and Suffolk areas were at capacity ( so for those complaining about wait times, let that sink in!) It seems to be the norm now that it is terribly difficult and frustrating when you cannot seek emergency care for ill pets close to home.

We brought our older dog in for medical attention and Dr. Stiff and his staff were absolutely amazing and gave such compassionate and thorough care. Dr. Stiff was very honest and took his time with his assessment and explanations. Since I work in the healthcare field, he even educated me on how to listen to my dog's heart rate using his stethoscope since I had one at home.

I want to thank all the staff again for taking such wonderful care of Tanner. We appreciate all your hard work and dedication!

Ann M.

About a month ago after midnight, we had to take our cat in for a potential urinary blockage. The staff and doctor were very considerate, thorough, and compassionate. They kept us informed and took our cat back right away upon arrival.

Sloan G.

Thank you ! Y’all were awesome in the care for our Great Dane Thor with the emergency visit. Truthful and caring. Everyone should follow by example.

Darlene M.

Many many thank yous to all the wonderful staff who cared for my Chino Beano on Easter Sunday. They were thorough and caring and had all of his info already faxed to the day vet by the time I called this morning to pick up his special food.

Thank you for being there for all the fur babies ❤️ Chino feels much better today and says thank you.

Jennifer G.

Dr Crist and Dr Stiff are the best! After treating my Beagle for a serious condition, they also found a hernia that had been missed by my vet. Their staff is great too. This is definitely the only place to go when your pet needs emergency care.

Liz G.

Dr Tim Stiff saved our dogs life. Memphis came home and has recovered well. If it wasn’t for this place our dog wouldn’t be with us today. We nearly lost him that night to a ruptured tumor and Dr Stiff immediately went into surgery in the middle of the night.

Carlos B.

My almost 15 yr old cat had been throwing up something weird ? Arrived at 530 when center opens, taken back. Everyone was very nice.

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Stiff. He was very thorough. I didn't feel rushed to make a decision. Nor did he try to push unnecessary things on us. It can be hard to find a kind, honest, and knowledgeable vet sometimes. We appreciate him & all of the staff so much. We have always had good luck at this location. 😊

Rachel C.

This place and these employees were a lifesaver…literally!

Parker B.

From the moment I first called, AEC demonstrated compassion and their willingness to help my dog who was suddenly having seizures.

This was after another Emergency Vet much closer to home flat out turned us away saying they were at capacity.

Joe L.

I called 4 other emergency vets that were closer to home they all told me they couldn’t help me due to being at capacity. I called AEC in tears and they told me to bring her in.

We had a great experience at AEC they were so kind, quick and not as expensive as other emergency vets. They took great care of my chocolate lab after she ate something she shouldn’t have.

Kristen N.